I have personally worked side by side both instructors several times throughout the years. Both are top notch. It is one thing to pass an exam, it is another to pass and understand. They can deliver both.
- Robert J. Baxa - API 510 #1630 - Nebraska, USA
Just want to give a big shoutout to TITAN API Training Services for giving me the best chance at passing my API 510 exam. Also, had two of the best instructors someone could ask for Richard Burrow and Ernie Crabtree.
- Andrew Presley - API 510 Inspector- USA - Australia
I have had the pleasure to know Richard Burrow for approximately 15 years, I first met Richard at the SASOL Synfuels shutdown in South Africa, where were on the inspection team for the Recotosal plants. I have found him to be very professional and very conscientious at his work, with a sound knowledge in the inspection field.
- Tony Howard - Stork Manager - New Zealand
He has been an exceptional mentor and leader throughout the inspection industry. I am pleased to recommend him as an API exam instructor. I personally have had the privilege of working beside Richard where he has shared his valuable knowledge, expertise, and leadership. I would not be the inspector I am today without his guidance and teaching.  
- Jordan Wentland - API Inspector - Minnesota, USA
I have known Richard for many years, in every recruitment I make for shutdown in Israel he is without a doubt on my favorites list and one of the first I check to see if he is available. His in-depth knowledge of the standards and his high self-motivation he will always be one step ahead of what is happening in the industry.
- Yaniv Lupu - Luptech - Haifa, Israel
In a noticeably short period of time working alongside Mr. Burrow. I quickly realized he had a highly effective teaching style that made the information surprisingly easy to digest. He was able to present large complex ideas and deliver them in quite easy to understand bite size pieces. The guy is world class!
- Phillip Wade - API 510 - Louisiana, USA
We have worked together on many turnarounds in South Africa, Richard has many years of valuable experience in the Oil & Gas / Petroleum Industry. He has a passion for his work in the inspection discipline. He has an enquiring mind, willing to lead and enthusiastic to take on new challenges.
- Brian Naidu - Engineer - Abu Dhabi, UAE
I was fortunate enough to work alongside Richard when I started my inspection career 10 years ago. He enjoys sharing his knowledge to help you be successful. The Titan training courses will prepare you for the job and not just the exam. 
- Kris Kirkpatrick - API 510 - Louisiana, USA
Richards knowledge of the codes and practical knowledge was immeasurable. It was a great pleasure working with him at Refining NZ (New Zealand). He is also a great listener and a great peer to less experienced inspectors.
- Cecil Stuart - Facility Inspector - New Zealand
I can certainly vouch for Richards inspection knowledge and professionalism. He is always the go to guy for any advice or a second opinion. I’m sure many people will benefit from your wide ranging skills and experience.
- Mike Houghton- Lead Inspector- Widnes, England
Titan Training Services, LLC
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