Our instructors are world class and are experienced in all aspects of the inspection industry. We will inspire, instruct and educate students who seek greater knowledge within the inspection industry. Individuals will be given the tools to begin mastering their profession or simply prepare them for their next exam. Our classes have been designed for entry level or seasoned industry professionals. 

Richard Burrow

With over twenty-one (21) years’ experience in the refinery and petrochemical industry, Richard Burrow has successfully completed over seventy (70) plant shutdowns on five (5) Continents in nearly every type of process unit. He also brings over six (6) years of on-stream inspection experience in many refineries and oil fields including the world famous, Permian basin.

Areas of Expertise

*    API Exam Preparation Classes

*    Field Training Visual Inspectors

*    Repair Recommendations

*    Turnarounds/Expansions

*    Maintenance Inspections

*    Mechanical Integrity

*    Industrial Coatings

*    Quality Assurance / Control Inspections

*    t-min and remaining life calculations 

*    Deficiency management

*    Root cause failure analysis 

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