Our Founder

With over twenty-one (22) years’ experience in the refinery and petrochemical industry, our founder, Richard Burrow has successfully completed over seventy (70) plant shutdowns on five (5) Continents in nearly every type of process unit. He also brings over six (6) years of on-stream inspection experience in many refineries and oil fields including the world famous, Permian basin.

Areas of Expertise

·       API Exam Preparation Classes

·       Field Training Visual Inspectors

·       Repair Recommendations

·       Turnarounds/Expansions

·       Maintenance Inspections

·       Mechanical Integrity

·       Industrial Coatings

·       Quality Assurance / Control Inspections

·       t-min and remaining life calculations 

·       Deficiency management

·       Root cause failure analysis 

During his NDE career he sought and obtained multiple certifications within the following fields:

·       Magnetic Particle Testing (MT)                     

·       Penetrant Testing (PT)

·       Ultrasonic Testing (UT)

·       Radiographic Testing (RT)

·       IRIS Inspection (IRIS)

·       Positive Material Identification (PMI)

·       AC Field Measurement (ACFM)

·       Visual Testing (VT)


After the successful completion of his NDE career, Richard continued his advancement within the visual inspection realm where he obtained certifications in following fields:

·       API 570 Piping Inspector

·       API 510 Pressure Vessel Inspector

·       (CP) South Africa Pressure Vessels

·       API 571 Materials & Corrosion 

·       NACE CIP Inspector

An intelligent heart acquries knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge.  Proverbs 18:15                                                                                    


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